Welcome from our Chief Executive Officer,

Mark Rubinstein

The Importance of Hope

Over the last year, I have had these questions asked of me many times: Is Hope Air an airline? Is Hope Air fighting poverty? Is Hope Air a health charity?

The answer is that we work in all of these areas. Hope Air assists Canadians in financial need who must travel long distances for medical care. For those living on a lower income or below the poverty line – including more than three million Canadians – access to healthcare is not assured. The promise of Hope Air is that when it comes to healthcare, no one will be left behind no matter where they live or their financial challenges.

We are in the business of “HOPE.” We support the most vulnerable who might otherwise see their circumstances as hopeless. We assist families, children and seniors including people with disabilities with limited or no support networks. Hope Air helps navigate their healthcare journey and is a lifeline for so many who find themselves in difficult circumstances.

During the onset of the pandemic, it was unclear how Hope Air would strike a path forward. Hospitals across Canada had cancelled or postponed many non-emergency appointments and procedures. The airline industry was facing extraordinary financial difficulties leading to route cancellations and staff lay-offs. Yet, patients still needed to travel to important medical appointments including for cancer treatments, heart conditions, surgeries and other medical needs.

Our community rose to the challenge. Those who could give, provided vital donations and funding to keep patients travelling. Volunteers retooled events so they could continue to support our mission. Staff responded to every patient travel request and were able to facilitate more than 6,800 travel arrangements. Together, we refused to let the pandemic stop our critical work.

Our ability to rally amid uncertainty and to work diligently to help those most in need speaks to the passion and dedication of the entire Hope Air community. In particular, I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the Hope Air supporters, volunteers and staff who overcame the challenges and obstacles imposed by COVID-19. The accomplishments detailed in the Hope Air 2020 Impact Report are a testament to our collective resilience, tenacity and commitment to healthcare for all.

I am especially grateful for the support and guidance of the Hope Air Board of Directors, who provided invaluable advice and resources as we successfully navigated through a shifting and uncertain environment.

Warmest regards,

Mark Rubinstein
Chief Executive Officer
Hope Air